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How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually

A laptop is an essential thing for a computer user. As it has a battery, you need to charge it to use it for some hours. But sometimes it becomes a challenge to charge the battery when you do not take a charger with you. In this case, you need to know how to charge a laptop battery manually. You can keep multiple batteries with you, but it is not possible for all the users.

Besides, the power port of your PC can be damaged. So, you need a way to charge the best laptops to use it. In this case, the external battery charger to charge laptop manually is the best way for you.

How to charge laptop battery manually

Now you are going to learn how to charge laptop battery manually without a charger. Most of the high-tech devices are designed in such a way that they have no alternative way to charge the batteries without the original chargers. But with some technical knowledge, you can charge the battery, and the ways are not expensive.

Charge laptop with a USB

We know that all laptops have some USB ports. But you cannot use them as a charger port. USB ports are only used to out power. You can charge some small devices such as a mobile phone with a USB cable from your laptop. Besides, these ports are used to transfer data from laptop to other devices or others to laptop.  Most of the PCs have A-type ports. But we know that B type and C type ports are also available.

However, Type A ports only can send power to other devices. They cannot receive power. But the Type B port is an innovation in the hi-tech niche. You can use this port of the laptops to power in. So, Type C port is welcomed because it removes the problem of an alternative method of charging a laptop without its charger. So, check that your computer has USB port type C. Mackbook Pro, Asus Chromebook Flip C302 and a laptop of Dell brand offer USB type-C.

You can use your phone as a power source to do a small and vital task. Connect a USB type C cable to your laptop and your phone. Your phone will supply power to the laptop directly through the cable.

Using a Universal power adapter

It is the most practical and straightforward way of charging a laptop without the original charger. But you should keep two things in your mind before doing this process. As a universal power adapter is not a charger to charge a laptop, it is dangerous. Besides, the manufacturer builds a laptop to charge with the original charger. So, using a Universal power adapter can be a risky way for your laptop and you. Universal adapter only supports some specific models of laptop.

Universal adapters are available in the market in some electric shops. You can buy one for a Chromebook, HP laptop or Dell laptop. But in the market, you will not find one for the specific model. These adapters are highly affordable. If you correctly plug in a charger to your laptop, it will supply sufficient energy to the device. It also charges the battery of your laptop. So, before purchasing or using a universal adapter, check the features of this adapter.

How to charge laptop battery manually

External battery charger

The external battery charger is a powerful thing to charge a device without using the original charger. An external battery charger is not directly plugged into the computer. To charge the laptop’s battery, remove the battery from your laptop and then connect it to the external charger. Now connect the charger to the electrical outlet.

When your battery gets charged completely, remove the charger and install the battery to the laptop. The external laptop battery charger comes in the market with specific model type and brand name. So, it is safe for your device’s battery.

AC adapter

If your laptop battery has an AC adapter connector, you can use it to charge the battery. To use it, attach the adapter directly to the hookup. But if you do not have the port, you still can use it in another way. Buy a connector from an electronic tools shop. Then connect it and charge the battery.

Super laptop batteries

You can buy supper laptop batteries. If you use them, you need not original charger to charge the battery. But if you want to use the super battery, you need to remove the original battery from your laptop. Just remove the battery and replace it with a super battery. This battery will give you 7 hours backup of the power. You can work on your PC with super battery power and keep the original battery charging with an external charger.

Use a solar charging kit

Solar charging kits are now popular to charge the devices. You can charge the laptop battery with this kit without using the original charger. The charging device takes to power through a solar panel. The solar kit does not depend on a bulk power source. It charges the battery with the power of the sun. Solar panels convert sun ray to electric energy. Modern solar kits are designed to create smaller, flexible and efficient photo-voltaic cells. This kit is portable and foldable. You can charge the battery of all types of laptops with this kit.

Besides, you can use an auto adapter. It is for the people who spend most of their time in a car. This adapter connects through a cigarette lighter of the vehicle. When the car runs, the battery will be charged automatically.

Final Words

A laptop is a computer that is portable and energy efficient. For a professional person, it is an essential device. As it runs on a battery, we always prefer a good battery life. So, for better battery life, you should take care of the battery of your laptop.

Always use the original charger to charge it and work with it. If you face any problem to charge the battery with the original charger, only then you try the alternative ways. These ways are practical and also proven processes on how to charge laptop battery manually.

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