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How to Connect PS4 to Laptop with HDMI?

Do you want to know how to connect PS4 to laptop with HDMI? Yes, you can use ps4 on your laptop by using HDMI. We know that Play Station 4 is the leading gaming console on the market. A lot of exclusive feature released every year, which is an excellent advantage for this gaming device. The prefix is ​​not equipped with a separate monitor – for a comfortable game, and the image must be displayed on a TV or a different widescreen monitor.

What if you have a PS4 at your disposal, but do not have an external monitor? The only answer is to use a laptop. However, not everyone has a good TV or monitor to which you can connect a console, so it remains to connect it only to a laptop. In this article, we will tell you details.

What are HDMI cables?

HDMI is mainly used to connect home appliances: high-definition panels, televisions, video cards, and laptops – all of these devices can have an HDMI port. Such popularity and prevalence are ensured by a high data transfer rate, as well as the absence of distortion and noise. So, we will talk about the types of HDMI cables before telling you about how to play PS4 on laptop screen with HDMI.

Connector types

There are only five types of HDMI cable connectors. They are marked with Latin letters from A to E (A, B, C, D, E). Most often, three are used: Full Size (A), Mini Size (C), Micro Size (D). Consider each of the existing in more detail:

  • Type A is the most common, connectors for it can be located on video cards, laptops, TVs, game consoles and other multimedia devices.
  • Type C is simply a smaller version of Type A. It is installed in small-sized devices — telephones, tablets, and PDAs.
  • Type D is the smallest kind of HDMI. Also used in small devices, but much less frequently.
  • Type B was designed to work with huge resolutions (3840 x 2400 pixels, which is four times more than Full HD), but has not yet been applied – it is waiting in the bright future.
  • A variation labeled E is used to connect multimedia devices to car media centers.

HDMI connection

To connect the console to the laptop via an HDMI cable, you don’t have to buy additional equipment or install the software. All you need is a laptop with an HDMI connector and a cable. Before using this method, make sure that your computer is equipped with an HDMI input, which is used to receive a signal. Most modern devices are already equipped with the right connector.

Cable preparation

To connect a game console to a laptop and display an image, you need to prepare an “A” type HDMI cable. So, if the computer does not have an HDMI connector but is equipped with a VGA output, then you will have to buy a special adapter. Just note that when working through the adapter, the sound will not play, you will have to use headphones or speakers.

When you try to use PS4 with an old low-performance computer, you may encounter freezes – they are because the low power of the computer does not allow you to consistently receive an image from the console.

How to Connect PS4 to Laptop with HDMI?

To connect the set-top box in this way, you do not need to buy special equipment; in addition, you will save money on buying a TV by replacing it with a laptop screen. All that is required of you is the presence of a single cable or adapter.

Connect PS4 to Laptop via HDMI

Before starting the connection process, we recommend that you make sure that your laptop is equipped with an HDMI In connector (receive signal), and not HDMI Out (signal output), like most older laptops. Only with the first type of connector will the connection succeed. Many users now have modern devices, and gaming laptops are often equipped with the In version .

Step 1: Choosing an HDMI Cable

Today, the market has a large number of HDMI cables in various formats. To connect your laptop and PS4, you need a Type A cable. Read more about the varieties and characteristics of wires in our other articles at the link below.

Step 2: Connect Devices

After choosing the cables, the simplest thing remains – to connect the two devices. This process does not take much time and is quite easy; you only need to perform a few actions:

  1. Locate the connector on the back of the console, and then insert the HDMI cable there.
  2. Turn the same thing with a laptop. Typically, the HDMI input is on the left panel.
  3. Now all that remains is to launch the PS4 and laptop. The picture should be displayed automatically.

how to connect your ps4 to laptop with hdmi

It is worth noting that on weak mobile computers, periodic freezes can occur, and this is due to insufficient processor or video card power, which cannot stably transmit the image from the console. When observing such brakes, it is better not to load the device again so as not to cause the equipment to wear out as soon as possible.

That’s all. Nothing more is required from the user, and you can immediately start your favorite game and enjoy the process. As you can see, the connection between the two devices is very easy and does not require any complex manipulations and additional actions.

Utility Setup

The further setup process looks like this:

  1. Run the utility, wait for the update process to complete.
  2. Click on “Enter the network” and log in to your account (or create a new one). We set the resolution parameters and FPS (number of frames per second) for future broadcasting of the image, apply the changes.
  3. We turn on the game console, open its parameters and go to the “Connection and remote playback settings” section. Click on “Allow remote control.” Go to the “Add a device” block – it should show an 8-digit code.
  4. We turn to the program on the laptop, wait for the completion of the automatic search for the console and enter the code that was obtained in the previous paragraph.


As you can see, the PlayStation4 can be quickly connected to a laptop without any problems. So, you know how to connect your ps4 to laptop with hdmi quickly. You have two options at your disposal – image transfer via HDMI cable or wireless connection. Both methods work fine.

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