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How to Install an M.2 SSD on a laptop and PC?

Do you need more speed on your laptop or PC? Upgrading your old hard drive to SSD is the best way to increase your PC or laptop speed and performance. That’s why people are using the SSD or upgrading their old drive to SSD. There are many types of SSD, but PCIe SSD is faster than the regular SSD.

When you brought a new M.2 SSD to upgrade your slow laptop, you need to learn how to install M.2 SSD. When you connect it to your computer, it will become faster. However, the work is not hard but also not so easy. Before installing the SSD, you should check that the motherboard of your laptop is compatible with this SSD drive.

How to install an M.2 SSD? Quick Tips

Without the proper knowledge, you can’t install the SSD; otherwise you can damage your laptop or PC. So, here is a complete guideline for how to setup m.2 SSD:

1. Install m 2 SSD in Laptop:

New M.2 SSD is smaller than the older version. To increase the performance level of your computer, installing SSD is the best way. However, you need only a flathead screwdriver to do this process. So, here is how to Install m.2 SSD in Laptop

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Step 1: Find out the M.2 Slot of your laptop

The first thing you do before buying M.2 SSD for your laptop, you should determine that your PC has that compatible slot. However, you can sure by reading the motherboard’s manual. To open the Slotslot, at first, you have to open the backside of your laptop. Then use the screwdriver to open the back part.

Before opening, you should unplug the charger and other cables. You will find it beside the RAM. Now determine the size of your SSD drive that goes to the slot. Generally, an M.2 drive is 22 mm wide, and the length varies from 30 to 110 mm. Try one that is suitable for your M.2 slot.

how to install m 2 ssd in laptop

Step 2: Unplug bulky components and remove the side panel

You will find a screw or a latch to detach the side panel. If there is a screw, unscrew it, and for the latch, pull it. You may face large components such as graphic cad or others that block the M.2 slot. To remove them safely, use the screwdriver and remove the screw.

However, to remove the graphic card, pull the power cord labeled P10. After that, remove the second power cord that is unlabeled. There is a supporting brace with a graphic card. Remove it by unscrewing it. Generally, this brace latch is near the SATA drive. Now, pull up the brace latch.

how to setup m.2 ssd on laptop

Step 3: Insert M.2 SSD drive inside the right Slot and screw it

Now slide your M.2 SSD into the slot. The pins notch on the laptop’s motherboard. The side contains labels, and information is at the upside of the drive. Now screw the drive to the right place.

How to initialize m.2 ssd:

After that, you have to reattach the parts that you removed from the laptop. Check that everything is in the right place. Then cover the back part of the computer. Now power on the computer.

2. How to Install an M.2 SSD in PC:

Before buying an M.2 SSD, make sure that your motherboard has an m.2 slot. Otherwise, you will waste your money. Most of the latest motherboard comes with an extra m.2 SSD slot. To find out the slots, you can see on your motherboard and check any words with “PCIe” or “SATA” or both.

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Usually, a motherboard has two slots: one for SATA drive or SSD and one for PCIe level SSD. Let’s start how to install an m.2 SSD on your PC:

how to setup m.2 ssd

Step 1: Uncover Casing Side

First, you need to uncover your PC casing side. There are two mounting screws and use a screwdriver to remove them. Now, you can see your motherboard and find the SSD slots. Before using the SSD, you need to remove the mounting screw.

how to install an m 2 ssd

Step 2: Insert the M.2 SSD

Now, insert the M.2 SSD into the slots very carefully. You need to push into its slots, and it will automatically set up. Be careful, don’t use too much force to do that.

install m.2 ssd on desktop

Step 2: Secure the M.2 SSD using the mounting screw

After inserting the SSD, you need to secure it. The mounting screw was removed in step 1 and now just press down and hold the M.2 SSD while you replace it and secure it by using the mounting screw.

Copy data to a new SSD drive:

To transfer data to your new M.2 SSD from the old drive, you need a drive cloning software. So, download the latest and better software. If you search for this, you will find a lot of free and paid options. Among them, try anyone with useful features.

Then open this program on the laptop. You should confirm that you click all the check-marks of the old drive that contains OS and other files you want to copy. Then tap the clone disk. Now you will find a text saying, “Select disk to ….”Click on it. Then tap the button, saying, “Copy selected partitions.” However, you can resize the partition. To start the cloning process, skip the scheduled clone and tap the OK button. However, it can take several hours to complete the process.

How to boot PC from the new M.2 drive?

After transferring the operating system to the new M.2 drive successfully, you have to boot the PC with this new drive. For this, open the BIOS to the laptop. For this, turn the PC off. Then tap the power button and rapidly tap the F2 button on the computer’s keyboard. To boot the PC, it is the most crucial step. If you do this successfully, you will find the boot settings. From the appeared page, find out Boot Order and press the Enter button.

To change the boot order, go to the new drive that is located to the top of your boot list. If you do not find the boot list, you will find the Windows Boot Manager option. However, moving to the new drive, you have to press F10.

You can move over to the windows of the file with the keyboard’s arrow keys. Move to the Save changes and exit button and tap the enter button. It is the successful installation of the M.2 SSD drive to a laptop.

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Installing an M.2 SSD drive to the laptop is quite easy now. While booting the PC, make sure that the charger is connected because a sudden shut down will damage your computer. You should be careful to use SSD drive because installing the right one is very important. Now check your computer. You will find it faster enough.

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