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How to Maintain a Laptop Performance?

Owning a top notch laptop performance for a lifetime is what every PC user dreams of. We always want high performance from a laptop. But when it comes down to the process of maintaining a laptop performance, things get a little clumsy. So you should know how to maintain a laptop performance.

If you think about it from a broader point of view, there are both external/internal hardware maintenance and performance maintenance. In this article, we’ll focus our limelight on these two aspects in depth. Let’s get going-

How to Maintain a Laptop Performance?

To get high performance from your laptop, you must maintain regularly. Today we will share some tips on how to maintain a laptop and get more performance.

Physical Maintenance

Whenever it’s about laptop maintenance, the first thing that comes up in our mind is, to protect it from hazards, damages, and anything that harms it physically. Therefore, we’ll talk about some important aspects of maintaining a laptop’s physical health.

how to maintain laptop performance

Use A Carrying Case, Always

An imperative thing while you’re carrying around your laptop is, it’s vulnerability to damages. It might get off the hand, can get exposed to weather extremes like water, sun, dust, heat, and many more!

To play the game safe, get your laptop a good quality carrying case or at least a bag or shoulder bag. Whichever carrying case you choose to use, make sure that it’s padded enough and is waterproof by all means.

Clean the Keyboard

Majority of the portion that is directly exposed to air-borne dust is the keyboard. If it was a desktop, there was nothing to worry about it. But in the case of a laptop, each of the keys is connected to the internal electronics of it. A single drop of water or oil on the keyboard can cause severe short circuitry or other problems in the laptop.

Therefore, it’s imperative to clean the keyboard on a regular basis. Before cleaning, tap the keyboard upside down and gently pat the back of the laptop to bring up macro-sized debris. Also, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust from the edges and corners of it. Also, a compressed air blow is able to do the job.

Clean the Screen regularly

The most important part that you interact with the computer through the screen of it. And you have to take over the responsibility to keep it clean.

Now, cleaning the screen is both easy and complicated at the same time. It can be done in two steps-

  1. Do the basic clean up by rubbing the screen with a microfiber or a soft cloth.
  2. For advanced cleaning, use a mix of vinegar and distilled water and spray it up on the screen using a sprayer. As an alternative, there are ready-made cleaner solutions that are commercially available. After you’ve applied it on the screen, dry it up completely before starting the laptop over again.

Keep the Operating Temperature Cool

One of the biggest threats of a laptop is the increment in temperature. Its major sources are both processor and battery. And you need to keep an eye on keeping both of them cool.

For the processor, there are exhaust fans that are in duty to take the hot air out. All you need to do is to make sure that these fans are all clean and good. In case of any damage to the motor or the fin, change them up.

On the other hand, the best way to keep the battery cool is to use a cooler externally. It will maintain an air circulation going around beneath the battery area, and the temperature will stay under control.

Say No to Eating and Drinking Near the Laptop

If you’d ever seen what a spill of coffee can do to a laptop’s internal electronics, you would never think of drinking and even nearby the laptop ever again. But in case you have not gone through such a situation yet, you better not eat or drink near your beloved computer from now on.

Performance Maintenance

Apart from physical maintenance, performance maintenance is no less important at all. Just think about what would you do with a clean, shiny piece of the computer that is slow as hell.

maintain laptop a performance

Therefore, keep your eyes on these few maintenance chores regarding the performance-

Clean up the Operating System

It’s imperative that your operating system sometimes needs some attention from your side. Over regular use, there is a large amount of unnecessary data and files that are nothing but garbage. Mostly in the form of temporary files, they keep slowing the performance of the computer anyway. 

There are also cache files, registry files and some other sorts of files that are equally threatening to slow the PC down. Therefore, keep your operating systems clean with cleaning software like CCleaner. Also, do further optimization of the OS by using tools that boost up the system response rate and keep the CPU usage low. If you are using a linux operating system laptop, you also need to use a cleaner software.

Use An Antivirus and Spyware Scanners

Virus, spyware, and malware- these are three of the biggest foes of a computer. Specially if the computer gets in a connection to the internet, it’s in a more vulnerable state to these junks. Sometimes, laptop can be hacked. So you need to use the best antivirus. By the way, if you are a hacker, here are some hacking laptops for you.

Therefore, you are advised to run security scans using Antivirus programs and Spyware programs. Some premium anti-virus software provided malware protection as well. In case you want an extra layer of security, go with even further protection using Spybots and Adware software. These are tons of both free and paid programs available in all these regards.

Back Your Data Up

An important concern of anyone who uses a laptop is the safety of the data that’s in the computer hard drive. In case you have an accident hard drive crash, you can just lose it all at a snap of the fingers. And that’s the worst possible of catastrophe that any laptop user can ever go through.

To back them up, a number of technologies are in the game, and you have the choice to pick one from the list.

  1. Use programs that synchronize files between two or more computers in the same or even different locations.
  2. Use cloud drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, MediaFire to store the important data and files of yours.
  3. Make a full disk image of your entire hard drive after reloading the OS each time.

Bottom Line

Alright, folks, that was everything that we have to say about basic laptop tips for maintenance and how to take care of it part by part. Hopefully, we’ll come up with an advanced version of this discussion on how to maintain a laptop performance.

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