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How To Remove Hard Drive From Laptop?

For a laptop user, sometimes it needs to know how to remove hard drive from laptop. But the process of removing the hard drive of a laptop varies from one brand to another. To remove it, you need to know some technical skills to avoid any damage. As a laptop is a small thing with a lot of smaller components, it is easy to occur damage.

Sometimes, it is needed to remove the hard drive when it gets damaged, or you want to increase its space. You need only a screwdriver to remove it from your laptop. It is also important to backup all your essential files before removing the hard drive from the laptop.

How to remove hard drive from laptop

Before removing the hard driver from your laptop, you should prepare. You need some tools to do it. So, you must have these tools like screwdriver set. Now it is time to see the right and easy way to remove the hard drive from the laptop.

removing hard drive from laptop before disposal

Hard drive removing process:

Now we will guide you for removing a laptop hard drive but be careful because you can damage your drive if you don’t do it properly. It is not easy like change laptop battery. Do not skip any step.

Disconnect all pour sources

At first, remove all the cables you have connected to the laptop such as power cable, USB cable, network cable and other cables added to the computer. Then take the battery out from it. You will see two buttons beside the battery. Press them to the side the arrows indicate and push out the battery to take it away from your PC. After removing the battery, press the power button and hold it for a few seconds to remove the extra charge. It is for preventing any electricity flow on the device.

Remove all the screws and remove the access panel

When you are confident that all the power has been drained from the PC, you can now start your work. You can begin to it removing the screws. It is an important matter to remember that you should remove the red circled screws. Do not touch the green screws because green is the screws which keep the hard drive secure. Removing the access panel depends on the brand of the laptop. Sometimes the hard drive is located under the keyboard or the motherboard. In this case, it is difficult to remove the hard drive. In this case, you can read the user’s manual of your laptop or take it to a professional mechanic.

Remove DVD reader and Keyboard

Then remove the DVD reader. Pull the whole unit out of the laptop. Now remove the keyboard. For this, depress the tables located at the top of the board and then take the board out. Here, you can use a small screwdriver to take the screw out. To remove the tabs easily, you can start from a corner. These tabs are not keyboard’s part. It attaches the keyboard with the adjacent case to keep it in place. After that, remove the cable of your keyboard out. It is a thin part. So, remove it with care.

Locate the hard drive and remove the mount

Now locate the hard drive. In most of the laptops hard drive places by a new mounting mechanism. It can vary from a computer to another. For this, you need to remove some screws. But in case of some laptops, there is a button to press to remove the hard drive.

Take apart the hard drive

Now disconnect the hard drive from the connector. Then remove it. You may find a tab on the hard drive of your laptop. You have to pull it to remove the hard drive easily. But sometimes, you need a tool that has flat-blade to remove this part.

Remove a bracket of the hard drive from it

After disconnecting the hard drive, you may see that this drive is still fastened to a bracket. In this case, you need to remove the bracket. Installing a new hard drive is important. Usually, this bracket is held on to the hard drive by four screws from the sides. So, you need to remove the screws to separate it from the bracket. When you place a new hard drive, you need to install it inside the bracket.

How to remove laptop hard drive

Things of consideration

Do not start work with your laptop when it has any power source. If you do that, you can get shocked. So, before working to remove the hard drive of a laptop, you should unplug the power cord of it and remove the battery. Besides, depress the power button for some seconds to remove the remaining energy.

Besides, you have to save your hard drive. Magnets can erase the file and information from a hard drive. But for this, the magnets have to be more powerful.  So, for the safety of your hard drive, remove the magnets away from the laptop or working area. It is a good idea to back up the files to other memories or external drive before working to remove a hard drive from a laptop.

Is it a good idea to remove the hard drive?

If you do not have experience of removing and installing hard drive without knowing consequences, it is not a good idea to do this work. Removing hard drive from your laptop is hard then remove it from a desktop because the parts of a laptop are fragile. Or you can damage the hard drive by applying excess force.  Besides, if your laptop has a warranty, removing the hard drive or opening your laptop will void the warranty.

Removing the hard drive makes your computer useless because, without a hard drive, you cannot function your PC. So, if you cannot remove the tool safely, you will face a great problem to open your computer and work with it. So, safely removal of the hard drive is very much essential.


A laptop is a personal device. Most of the time, we put our personal information, data and some other items in the laptop’s memory. So, when your computer crashes, it is then necessary to recover the hard drive from the damaged device to use it to another computer. So, if you have enough knowledge, you can remove the hard drive of laptop yourself. Confidently do your work without any complication by following the steps.

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