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What Laptop Should I Buy? Laptop Buying Guides

The laptop is a device that offers excellent portability. You can carry a laptop everywhere with you. Before buying a laptop, a question will appear in your mind that “What laptop should I buy?” Buying a laptop for a new one is not so easy. There are many things to be considered before making a decision which one you take. It depends on which purpose you mainly want to use a laptop.

A business person can need a laptop. On the other hand, a people who likes the game, he can buy a laptop. Besides, size, RAM, ROM, brand, price, etc. are also important matters. However, everyone wants the quality one for any work. So, you should keep some common matters that will help you to buy the best laptops.

Tips on buying a laptop

Now, see some familiar and overall tips which are helpful to you to choose your laptop.

Laptop types

Before deciding the design and features of a laptop, you should know about the types of laptop. There are some main types. See them below.

1. Basic Laptops

Basic laptops are a good option for daily use or a student. This type is not ultra thin or unique for gaming. A basic one does not offer you a lot of special features such as a detachable display. But it will help you with your work and save your cash. So, a student can take a basic laptop who decides to take a second-hand PC.

2. 2-in-1: Laptops

This type of laptop is very much popular now. It is because this laptop offers two functions. You can use it as a laptop or a tablet. It means that you can use it as a tablet to watch videos on the bed or can work on it at your desk. There are two types of 2-in-1 laptops. One is the detachable laptop. You can separate the display for the keyboard and use it as a tab. But after detaching it, it will have less amount of space.

Besides, it has less power and battery life. It can include a battery on the display part or has two processors’; one for display and another for the main body. Another type is only convertible. You cannot separate the body. You can rotate the display around. It is the best choice for them who like to use a laptop on a bed or the table.

3. Ultrabooks

Ultrabooks are dashing in design and also powerful. Ultrabooks are slim, lightweight and more portable. So, it is an excellent device for them who want powerful and best-looking laptops. But you do not find a DVD player on an Ultrabook. Or it can contain a thinner battery to make it thinner.

4. Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops are thicker than others. For better performance, this type of devices has powerful processors. It has more space, a larger battery for longer power supply and better graphics. This laptop also contains a high-resolution display and more ports for extra display, mice, etc. It will cost you more.

What laptop should I buys

Pick the Operating Systems

The operating system of a laptop is an important matter. It runs all the software properly. It affects the customer’s experience. macOs operating system is for iPhone, Apple TV, and PC. Who like necessary thing can use Chrome OS for Apple. Another operating system is Microsoft Windows. It is more popular and highly capable. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and the most recent is Windows 10. Some reasons make it popular.

Windows system offers the user a lot of apps and games. Most of the devices are available with this operating system. Besides, its user interface is easy than macOS. But this operating system is considered as a weak operating system in the case of security. So, you should need an anti-virus on your windows laptop.

Specification of the laptop

You should see the specification of the laptops before choosing one. On this matter, the overall performance depends. With better specification, a laptop will work faster. But it will cost you.

1. Processor

It is like the brain of a laptop. CPU means Central Processing Unit. Every work on your laptop is done through the process directly or indirectly. So, it is essential to have a decent processor on a better laptop. If you have a better processor, your laptop will run quickly. If a PC has two cores processor, it can run only two works at a time. So, when cores increase, the processor becomes strong.  Intel’s processor is now common. You will find Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7. Now core i9 is also available which is ultra high-end.

2. RAM

RAM means the space of the laptop to store files. Apps and others are stored on RAM. We think that more RAM is good. But more RAM affects the battery life of a laptop. Besides, more RAM increases the price of a laptop. Most of the people choose 8GB RAM.

3. Storage

Storage makes the laptop run faster. Majority of laptops only have one SSD. Cheap laptops have 32 GB storage. You can choose one of 120 GB storage if you store most of the files on the cloud. But to store more music and photos on a laptop, you can take one of 500 GB.

Laptop Buying Guides

4. Battery life

You can make a plan to travel with your laptop or work on it for a long time. Besides, you may not find a power socket everywhere you go. Some laptops offer you a great battery life. Some 15-inch laptops offer 10 hours of battery life.

5. Brand

There are many laptop’s brands. Dell laptops, Asus, Acer, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Toshiba, are the best brands worldwide. So, you should consider a brand with your desired design, battery life, processor, storage and other matter within your budget.

Final Verdict

If you consider these things, you can easily find out the answer to the question “What laptop should I buy?” Choose the operating system, brand, and then consider the processor, size, and design. Based on your work, you should buy a laptop. For a standard one, make your budget.

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